Train with no love
A drawing I did of lady Murasaki

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Walking the streets of #Taos today, and something in an alley caught my eye: it’s some sort of locked panel in the middle of a wall behind a store, but the surface looks like an #abstract #expressionist painting

Started something new today
one of my favourite Ang Lee films

old gold


Elusive » Scott Matthews

Reckless night, she hears me breathe
Cursing the sky at this company
They lost the wisdom deep inside
When bitterness shows its side


untitled by Matthew Genitempo on Flickr.
I think I might always be in some kind of love with you.
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Anonymous asked: are you on instagram?

yes you?


untitled by georgia n california on Flickr.
My name is Kyati.
I live/love Sydney.
Eurasian - Jowo/Londho